Why Energy Healing

While Western medicine is necessary in acute care, its focus has historically been on the alleviation of symptoms occurring within the physical body. Energy Healing looks at health holistically, and is primarily interested in the underlying imbalances causing the symptoms. Our experience of pain or illness is often the last form of communication our bodies use in an attempt to make us aware of underlying dis-ease.

Energy Healing or Energy Medicine operates on the foundational understanding that everything is energy.

Though the root of Energy Healing can be seen in many Eastern cultures, Western research in Quantum Physics now also recognizes that the atom is 99.99% space, or pure energy! At a sub-atomic level, not only do our bodies consist of and run on energy, but Quantum Field Theory is now studying an omnipresent field of energy throughout the Universe.

As an Energy Healer, what I am doing is tuning into and intentionally shifting the flow of energy in and around my client’s physical body and/or energy field. Our intention together is to create harmony between the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your wellbeing. The Emotion Code specifically works to restore balance to the body by releasing emotional energies which have become trapped and then disrupt our natural flow, causing dis-ease.


One of the most exciting aspects of my work with The Emotion Code is to heal ancestral energy or ‘Inherited Emotions.’ The first law of thermodynamics (Law of Conservation of Energy) states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. Y’all, I never cared about this law until I realized the direct impact of it on my health!

An emotional energy can be felt so strongly, that it becomes trapped in the body of our ancestors and is then epigenetically (of sorts) passed on for generations – sometimes for up to 20 or more generations!
Each time one of these energies surface, we are able to heal everyone, for as far back as the emotion is trapped and down through the line if my client has had children of their own. It. Is. Powerful. In that moment, the energy is changed from a negative, trapped emotion into a force for better health in ourselves and the generations to come.

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