I believe that one of the bravest things we can do, is to live fully embodied. That is - to simply *BE* a living, breathing, expression of who we are inside.

The Embodied Soul


THE EMBODIED SOUL is a 1:1 customized Energy Healing Program for Healers + Helpers who are ready to conquer their fear of being seen, to quit playing small + safe, and to finally enjoy an embodied life – one that reflects on the outside the True Self you are on the inside.              

Your passion and purpose in this life is to help others. Perhaps healing is part of your occupation, or maybe more informally, you find that people are constantly seeking out your wisdom. Much of your free time is probably spent engaging with your wellness – Mind, Body, + Spirit. You are deeply intuitive and are a sensitive soul. Most of all you have a big vision for yourself, for the dreamy life you’re ready to create, and for all the good you want to do in this world! You’ve likely been through quite a healing journey already – and yet, something is still holding you back….

Erin Vivian's hands in prayer pose. Gratitude for these healing modalities of the Emotion Code and Body Code.
Your HHH's:

[Hurts, habits, Hang-up's]

It’s true – no one escapes life ‘unscathed’ + we all have our emotional baggage. But I am extra passionate about the [what I like to call] Hurts, Habits, and Hang-up’s that sensitive, helper-types carry around. A few examples:

Maybe you experience fear around being vulnerable and BEING SEEN.

Maybe you struggle with IMPOSTER SYNDROME or worry that your gifts + skills aren’t good enough.

Maybe you keep looking around at what others are doing and get DISTRACTED, OVERWHELMED, or question your own path.

If this is resonating – I see you + I know exactly how you feel. First and foremost – because I am one of these sensitive helper-types. Second – because I know that your Soul’s story as a Healer or Helper is part of a long history, one that began waaayyy before your birth.

I know that your current pattern of people-pleasing, poor boundaries, mistrusting your own intuition – is likely one piece of a larger puzzle. The energy your Ancestors passed to you, the Past Lives you lived, and even the energy your Soul journeyed through between lives – I know it all contributes to your experiences today. On top of it all, I know you’re simply following this well-worn energetic path, where for centuries now, Healers + Helpers believed themselves to be broken.

I know because I have also carried these Hurts, Habits, and Hang-ups in my life – some of which didn’t even feel like mine – but my body + mind deeply believed them to be true.


Here's the Truth:

[what I know]

I KNOW that part of why I’m here + why you’re here, and why so many Helpers + Healers are alive in these challenging times – is because we have the capacity to change this story! I KNOW, because I have changed the narrative in my own life with this work – and now I want to help you, too!

Deep inside, our Soul knows the TRUTH:  that each of us has a unique path + we came here to Earth to live our purpose. Who we *BE* as we thrive in our wholeness + full authenticity – that’s our purpose. That’s it. No hiding, no fear, and definitely no more apologizing about who you are!

Sometimes though, our bodies and minds need help to let go of the past [that’s where I come in] + to reconnect to our TRUTH. [I can help with that, too!]

A Little About Erin

your guide:

I was born with a helper-heart. I have always been a sensitive Soul. When people asked me what I wanted to do when I ‘grew up’ – I always said: ‘I don’t know, I just want to help people!’

And yet, like so many of us in the Helper field – ‘Energy Healer’ was not an occupational option I was aware of. So it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I learned about ‘alternative’ healing methods, after I’d already made a successful career in the field of architecture and design. [Which I still love, by the way!]

However, once I discovered the world of sound baths, acupuncture, plant medicine, breathwork [all the things!] – it was like I found a piece of myself I didn’t even know was missing…. And I later used these tools, with the help of many mentors and guides, to navigate my own Spiritual Awakening.

In the process, I healed so many of my old HHH’s – and yet, my biggest healing journey was still ahead of me. It began when I committed to being a Healer myself.

When I opened Waters Edge, it created a shift: from receiving healing to assisting in others’ healing. My conscious mind was so excited: ‘Hey, I’m here! I’m finally doing the brave Healer thing!’

And my subconscious mind responded with: ‘DANGER!’

And ALL my old HHH’s came tumbling out of the closet.

You see – I’d felt *different* since childhood [and not in a good way]. I often felt afraid or overwhelmed by the world. As I grew up, my ‘gifts’ had me constantly ‘in my feels’ and other people’s too! Even after I became aware I’m an Empath, I was STILL stuck self-sabotaging relationships with my co-dependent behavior and constant people-pleasing. My whole life I’d attracted a long string of narcissistic employers and struggled with my self-worth. It was a rough time.

And now that I had planted myself firmly on the Healer path, all those unresolved HHH’s resurfaced. I realized:  I need to heal my past before I can be fully present in this new role!

Erin Vivian's hands in the river, cupping the water as it runs out of her hands. The water symbolizes our ability to 'get in the flow' of life with Energy Healing.

Letting the past go

Here’s what I know today:  our HHH’s [while annoying] serve as an alert system; they communicate to our conscious Selves about all the places where we still have old, stuck energy. Energy, that will ultimately keep us from getting where we want to be if left unresolved.

This is because the subconscious mind is the record keeper of our lives, and its primary job is to keep us safe. So even when you feel you’ve consciously moved past an old hurt, the energy of a painful event often sticks around to ensure we don’t put ourselves in that same position again! What was once intended as protective, can later become the very thing that holds us back.

We can be doing *all* the conscious ‘work’ – therapy, awareness tools, healthy habits, etc. – but we’ll inevitably get tripped up if our subconscious still thinks: ‘I’m worthless,’ ‘No matter how hard I try, I’ll never succeed,’ or ‘I have to be perfect, so no one sees what a fraud I am.’ [All common ‘stories’ for Helpers + Healers.] This is why it takes both conscious changes and subconscious healing to unwind our biggest HHH’s + finally get free.

In our Energy Healing Sessions, I work with your Five Energetic Archetypes to discover the root cause of your HHH’s + then release those trapped energies. Think of these Archetypes as five aspects [characters, even] of your energetic make-up. Each has a history, memories, joys + hurts – all of which leave an imprint and influence who you are today – in this life + in this skin. Remember, you are SO much more than meets the eye!

Let's Meet:


higher self

Your inner, wise voice who speaks to you through your intuition, offering guidance as you move through life.


The energy of your ancestors, both paternal and maternal, and energy they passed on to you.

past life

Energy that is still with you from past lives your Soul experienced, outside of our present timeline.


Creation energy that dwells within you. It also shapes your Soul’s experience of ‘life between lives.’

inner child

Energy of your younger self in this life; the most formative being between birth to 8 years old.

Reconnect to Your Truth

who you get to be:

As Helpers + Healers, we are often aware of our HHH’s – we can name: ‘I’m a perfectionist,’ or ‘I don’t feel confident with my gifts’ or ‘my biggest fear is my own success.’

But – do you know WHY?!  

WHEN did this pattern start?

WHERE did it come from?

In my experience, one [or more] of the Five Energetic Archetypes has the answers. Like…

Your current pattern of self-betrayal may have everything to do with an old, energetic hurt from a Past Life; perhaps you were cast out from your village at one time. Or your people-pleasing hang-up’s may live within your Inner Child; dating back to age five when you learned how to avoid household conflict. Or maybe you habitually hide your gifts because of an Ancestral pattern; your entire lineage may have also spent their lives hiding to stay safe.

In an Energy Healing Session, your subconscious wisdom guides us to this Archetypal Energy – first to release whatever is at the root of your current HHH’s – and then to reconnect you to your TRUTH.

And your TRUTH is who you get to *BE* without all these energetic Hurts, Habits, and Hang-Up’s ruling and running your life. The TRUTH is who you are when you’re living in your full authenticity – when your life on the outside reflects who you know yourself to be on the inside. That is your purpose. That is why you’re here – and there’s NO WAY you can ever mess it up!

This is such deep, powerful work. And I can’t wait to share it with you!

Program Details

the process:

STEP ONE:  APPLY.  You know the drill, hit that apply button!

STEP TWO:  DISCOVERY CALL.  When I receive your application, I will email you a link to schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call with me. We use this Call to explore if we are a good fit to work together, to review the Program contents, and I can answer any questions you may have. 

STEP THREE:  BOOKING + PAYMENT.  After our Call, I will send you a link to schedule your Sessions. Once we begin The Embodied Soul, we will meet once per week for six consecutive weeks. Our Sessions will all be around 75 minutes long each. The investment is $1,500 due at the time of Booking.

Program Details:

six week outline


We’ll chat about what is working well for you, current themes + patterns you’re experiencing in life, your stickiest HHH’s, and your goals for The Embodied Soul.


Four Energy Healing Sessions tailored for you + and your goals. We’ll take a deep-dive together and work with The Five Energetic Archetypes to let all those HHH's go!


A time to honor and celebrate you! We’ll revisit your goals + discuss supportive tools as you navigate a new way forward. You'll also receive a customized ‘Care Box’ in the mail!

The Embodied Soul

was made for you if...

You’re ready to own your ‘woo’ – all your Spirit-given talents – and finally thrive in your magical Helper + Healer role!


BRAVE: you have the courage to dust off your crystal collection, to proudly read tarot cards at friend/family gatherings, and to finally charge *real* money for the healing work you’re already doing.

CONFIDENT: you feel reconnected to your inner wisdom + intuition; they speak to you loud and clear! You no longer care what *that* judge-y person [we all have one!] thinks about your life choices.

EMBODIED: you KNOW you’re meant for big things + you KNOW that showing up in your authenticity is just what’s needed to help the World heal. You’re empowered to do that now, no fear!

Sweet Helper + Healer Soul – life is too dang short + precious for you to be doubting, delaying, or hiding any longer! All those hard lessons you’ve learned along the way are fuel, lighting your inner fire so you can show others the way. Your healing presence and light is so, so needed right now.

Time to leap!