Water teaches us to remain flowing; to maneuver around obstacles and find peace in the letting go.

Erin Vivian is standing in the river with one hand on her heart and one on her belly. She is a certified emotion code and body code practitioner and created Waters Edge Healing.
Waters Edge

Is a place to heal

The name Waters Edge Healing was inspired by my Cherokee lineage; for the daily ritual of ‘Go to Water’ to listen, connect and heal. The stories say that Cherokee towns were often situated to the West of a river. Then, facing East each morning, the people would wade out and dunk seven times to cleanse any impurities before offering their daily prayers. Water is typically the Element located in the West of a Sacred Circle. It represents purification, subconscious wisdom, and intuition or other spiritual insights which often come through healing. Waters Edge is a place to release your past, heal your present, and shape your future. Much like the rise, fall, ebb, and flow of water, your experience in the world is constantly evolving and shaping your energy with it. 

The tools and modalities of Energy Healing I use help you let go of what is no longer serving you. I use my intuitive gifts as well as muscle testing to communicate with your subconscious wisdom. Where your conscious memories can fall short – your subconscious is a perfect record keeper – and it is also your body’s biggest advocate. It guides us to the trapped energetic ‘baggage’ it wants to let go of. As we release, you begin to feel lighter, more of your energy is freed up, and the natural healing capabilities of your Spirit and body are reactivated. As your energy flows again, you too, begin to move forward as a wholly well person and as a more present participant in your life. 

Tools for

Your Greatest Healing

Most Sessions at Waters Edge begin with The Emotion Code or Body Code as we weave together a clearer picture of  imbalances you’re experiencing. Depending on where your subconscious leads us in a Session, your body may also ask for other means of healing. I use a drum and singing bowls for sound healing, tuning forks for vibrational healing, as well as plants and crystals. I am always studying and expanding as a practitioner under the guidance of new teachers and mentors; I offer the tools I learn in service of your greatest healing.

Erin's hand is shown holding her large singing bowl. This is one of the tools she uses as an energy healer at Waters Edge Healing

Erin is simply amazing. I am blown away by her talent, compassion, and insight. She will leave you feeling energized and weightless.

By Emily R. / Seeley Lake, Montana

Working with Erin has helped me process and clear a lot of energies and emotions, and I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking to dive into energy healing.

By Lauren W. / Bozeman, Montana

I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted off of me after our Session, and the processing period seemed to pass with ease.

By LeighBeth M. / Tacoma, Washington