A quote that says 'Let your intuition guide you. You are what you're looking for.' A reminder for self care during quarantine.

Self Care During Quarantine

This guide is for you: whether you are self-isolating at home and/or your weekly routine has fallen away. Recently, we have been at the effect of major changes with little time for adjustment. As the Systems we’re used to dissolve, even temporarily, we will become hyper-aware of their absence in our lives. Feelings of lack or loss may surface whenever we’ve placed control over our life outside of ourselves. This calls for self care during quarantine!

Following are some tips and tools to help us integrate a new and ever-evolving reality.
I. Create Consistency

In these times, it is important to re-create consistency. We are invited to settle more deeply into our own strength and to replicate a sense of control by showing up for ourselves consistently.

  1. Set an alarm and get up to do your normal morning routine.
  2. Meditate at the same time each day.
  3. Welcome the extra time and space to practice ‘slow living;’ cook meals, call friends, take up exercising at home.
  4. Take up hobbies, projects, etc. around home that you’ve been putting off.
  5. Find a way to help serve others in your community who may not weather the storm as well as you.
An image of a wood bowl full of salt and wood scoops to use in baths for self care during quarantine.
A woman in Childs pose practicing yoga for self care during quarantine
II. Keep Grounded and Reduce Stress
  1. Only check in on local/global news for the latest developments once per day. Be mindful about the forms of media you’re taking in. 
  2. Look to plants for support: check with your medical provider about herbs, teas, and tinctures which may help support your immune system and frayed nerves. 
  3. Eat root vegetables and earthy dark greens, beets, etc. as possible. 
  4. Burn cedar – smudge your home and yourself. 
  5. Get outside where you can locally; be with trees, be with running water. 
  6. Cut the caffeine, refined sugars, and alcohols that you are taking in. Their energies are ‘upward’ and un-grounding. Double down on your water instead.
  7.  Take salt baths or showers with salt soap daily. 
  8. Stones and crystals can be carried with you or placed by your bed for gentle grounding: try Tigers Eye or Petrified Wood – their energies work well for most people.
  9. See my guide for grounding and centering your energy here.
Set aside quiet time for prayer, meditation, and deep listening. I see prayer as an opportunity for conversation; both with myself, the Collective Wisdom of our Earth, and with Spirit. Our task in these times is to stay present in the moment and in our bodies. Fear and anxiety are upward energy which pulls us into our heads.

Through sitting in meditation and prayer we can drop down into our heart space and more easily stay embodied.
  1. If this practice is new to you, try out a meditation app. Insight Timer is free and an incredible resource.
  2. Find meditations or chanting that nourish the Root Chakra, our energy center of security and connectedness to our Earth and to our ancestry.
  3. Lay on the floor and practice deep belly breaths.
  4. Whenever I feel anxiety creeping back in I pause to breathe, and then start singing/talking/praying to whatever surfaces. Many people are catching both personal and Collective energy right now. We can bring healing and catch insights by learning to sit calmly within the chaos.

Energy doesn’t pertain to time or space, it is AS EFFECTIVE as the sessions I hold in person. This method of Energy Healing was literally designed for times such as these – where access to our ‘normal’ self-care routines are limited AND we already feel depleted. We can even boost your immune system energetically! I am incredibly grateful to be in good health. I’m practicing my self care during quarantine and am also able to continue supporting others through these challenging times.

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