An image of sage smudge sticks and palo santo burning in the foreground on top of a rock.

Collective Spiritual Awakening

There is no doubt in my mind that a collective spiritual awakening is happening on our planet. With it, the rise of ‘modern spirituality’ in the West has resurfaced the wisdom of what we call ‘alternative’ or ‘holistic’ healing methods. If we peek into history and into in-tact cultures, we can see that very few of these concepts are new; rather, the West is now waking up to them. Before I became an Energy Healer, I studied it and engaged in a multitude of modalities, and I still have barely scratched the surface.

I have seen positive change occur in every one of my clients. Sometimes it is spontaneous and immediate and sometimes progress is a subtle, slow burn. Each of our journey’s will look different; there is no ‘one right way.’ I am also very clear: Energy Healing is not a form of spiritual bypass or a ‘one-fix-wonder.’ I believe each of us are ultimately responsible for our ‘work,’ AND we can also support one another in finding greater ease, peace, and alignment along the journey.

Energy Healing isn’t a way to avoid conscious re-patterning, re-parenting, or re-solution where active change is required in our life. It CAN assist in this process by offloading some of the energetic ‘baggage’ we have trapped between our present reality and life we want for ourselves. Still, we must make the conscious effort attain it.

I believe that conscious engagement with Energy is our human birthright.

I believe many of our ancestors lived in communion with Energy; worked with it, healed with it. We are all pure energy; most of us have forgotten that fact. The more we grow in awareness of all things, seen and unseen, the more we are able to bring into conscious choice. [Hence, Collective Spiritual Awakening.] All that which we are unaware of still controls us subconsciously. If we reclaim this part of ourselves; we reclaim its healing potential too.

A shell bowl with a smudge stick burning inside it. A woman holds a singing bowl in her hand with crystals in the background.
An image of sage burning in the foreground with a singing bowl and woman in the background.
Ultimately, Energy Healing for me is:
  1. A powerful aide to uncover places of wounding, whether from the past or present. Wounds may be identified in the form of physical pain in our body, mental or emotional anguish, or spiritual unrest.
  2. A supportive tool to heal trauma. Along with many other therapeutic tools, Energy Healing can help bring us into more full alignment with our unique soul’s journey.
  3. A method through which we can connect to Universal Intelligence, to Spirit, to our Higher Selves. It nurtures our spiritual selves through connection to any Divine Source we subscribe to; for this potential exists within all beings.
  4. A returning to our inner wisdom; to our subconscious or intuition. That which can help guide us toward a new way of Being.
  5. A modality through which we can tune into deeper levels of the World around us, even into the ‘unseen’ realms.
  6. Lastly, and most importantly, Energy Healing is a powerful tool which requires diligence and care. It can bring harm – the same way that any form of Western Medicine can bring harm. It must be used wisely and intentionally.

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