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Collective Energy

Over the past few months, I have been riding an emotional and energetic wave as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds. The early weeks after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic on March 11 were incredibly challenging and overwhelming. Now, with the majority of World being in some stage of ‘re-opening’ from shelter-in-place restrictions, our conversations have shifted toward what a ‘new normal’ might look like. So many other healers and tuned-in humxns I know are catching pieces of this Collective Energy and wisdom too. 

I am incredibly grateful that through these challenging times, I have continued to hold space for my clients at Waters Edge. Through this healing work and my own spiritual practices, I have been listening and sitting with what has surfaced – in my clients, from the Earth, and from Spirit. We have all been affected in some way by this crisis, and it is up to each of us to integrate and make the changes we feel called toward.

One message I’ve received loud and clear is a reminder that WE ARE ONE. The separateness of our individual bodies is an illusion.

I see the ways in which our global family is being asked to remember our interconnectedness. Humxnity is being called to ‘we consciousness’ and away from the broken patriarchal paradigm of ‘I, me, my’ thinking. In our bodies, this Collective energy shifts us from the vibration of the Solar Plexus into that of the Heart. The Heart knows its deep connection to other humxns and to our Earth.

An image of a group of people moving through a building with white marble floors, view from above. The collective energy of the space is buzzing.
A group of people running into the ocean. Representative of the Collective energy (consciousness) moving.

There are clues that this evolution in consciousness is already occurring. For example, without exception I have discovered negative ‘Collective Energy’ in all my clients during our healing sessions. Emotions such as anxiety, grief, fear, and panic were so widespread the last few months that the energy is no longer contained to a single individual, it is part of the planetary energy.

These energies are widespread and can magnify the intensity of imbalances we were already experiencing in our bodies; they may also have caused new ‘symptoms’ for people as well. One way Spirit has asked me to ‘level-up’ my healing is by holding Sessions for groups of people; we will gather together (remotely) with the intention of releasing Collective Energy.


During the pandemic, several billion people on the planet have been feeling the same vibration of emotions – anxiety, fear, uncertainty, panic – and as a result the emotions take on a power of their own. When we as individuals also experience these emotions in our bodies, they resonate. The vibration of our personal body and energy field begin to attract similar resonant energy from the Collective Field and vice versus. The specific energies around the pandemic are new; we have not lived through a time when all of humxnity is consciously ‘battling’ the same virus and having a similar emotional response to it.


The obvious answer is that humxns are united through pain and grief as we are through joy and happiness. This is empathy. We have all been physically impacted by COVID-19; and though it looks different for each of us, ALL experiences are valid and incredibly grief-worthy. In addition, there has also been an increasing number of ‘Energy Sensitive’ people and Empaths on the planet.

While ALL people are constant ‘energy emitters,’ some people can actively perceive energy in their bodies. At a time when the Collective is experiencing strong, negative emotions, a person who is sensitive to energy may become easily overwhelmed.

This can manifest as anxiety, sleep disorders, hypervigilance or pain in the body, etc. Those who seem to be ‘struggling’ the most during the pandemic but have not been ‘directly’ affected in any way could be battling with an overwhelm of energy due to their sensitivity. If I’m describing you – the invitation here is to bring awareness to this experience you’re having. What we are willing to know more deeply (to ‘wake-up’ to) we can heal. There are many tools to help us practice control and discernment with our energy sensitivity.


The great news is that when SO many people are sharing the same emotions, we can use The Emotion Code to clear it from everyone because it is actually one energy. Working on my individual clients in the past couple of months, I’ve found that a single energy of grief (for example) can be shared with thousands to hundreds of thousands of other people! Through Collective Healing Sessions, we are able to bring healing not only to ourselves, but to the planet.

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