The Five Energetic Archetypes

In our Energy Healing Sessions, I work with your Five Energetic Archetypes to discover the root cause of your Hurts, Habits, and Hang-Ups – and then we release those trapped energies. Think of these Archetypes as five aspects [characters, even] of your energetic make-up. Each has a history, memories, joys + hurts – all of which leave an imprint and influence who you are today – in this life + in this skin. Below are descriptions of each Archetype, and examples of some of the signs of imbalance each may experience.


Your inner, wise voice who speaks to you through your intuition, offering guidance as you move through life. Signs of imbalance may include: inability to envision the future or ‘see’ a way forward, feeling disempowered or stuck in victim mentality, even feeling lost or disconnected from your purpose.



The energy of your ancestors, both maternal and paternal, and the energy that they passed to you. Signs of imbalance may include: uncontrollably repeating familial patterns, feeling disconnected from your roots and traditions, or even repeated ‘dis-ease’ on either the left [feminine] or right [masculine] sides of the body.

ARCHETYPE 3: Past life

Energy that is still with you from past lives your Soul experienced, outside of our present timeline. Imbalance with this Archetype may show up as:  pain in your body that doesn’t ‘feel like yours’, being stuck in self-sabotage or repeating old patterns, irrational fears or limiting beliefs you don’t consciously remember the source of.


ARCHETYPE 4: source

Creation energy that dwells within you. It also shapes your Soul’s experience of ‘Life Between Lives.’ Signs of imbalance with this Archetype often include:  feeling disconnected from Creator / creative energy, loss of ‘will to live’ or extreme lack of motivation in life, feeling like your intuition is ‘lost’ or that you cannot access Spirit or your spiritual gifts.


ARCHETYPE 5: Inner child

Energy of your younger self in this life, the most formative years being between birth and 8-10 years old. Signs that your Inner Child needs some healing attention may include:  being stuck in people-pleasing or codependent relationships with others, hyper-vigilance or other nervous system ‘dis-ease’, fear of being your authentic Self, or resistance to ‘growing up,’ aging, etc.


Remember, you are SO much more than meets the eye!


In my experience, one [or more] of the Five Energetic Archetypes has the answers to our stickiest Hurts, Habits and Hang-ups. [HHH’s] For example:

Your current pattern of self-betrayal may have everything to do with an old, energetic hurt from a Past Life; perhaps you were cast out from your village at one time. Or your people-pleasing hang-up’s may live within your Inner Child; dating back to age five when you learned how to avoid household conflict. Or maybe you habitually hide your gifts because of an Ancestral pattern; your entire lineage may have also spent their lives hiding to stay safe.

In an Energy Healing Session, your subconscious wisdom guides us to this Archetypal Energy – first to release whatever is at the root of your current HHH’s – and then to reconnect you to your TRUTH.

And your TRUTH is who you get to *BE* without all these energetic Hurts, Habits, and Hang-Up’s ruling and running your life. The TRUTH is who you are when you’re living in your full authenticity – when your life on the outside reflects who you know yourself to be on the inside. That is your purpose. That is why you’re here!

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