Erin Vivian standing in a field of grass with her drum. A chair is in the background, a cozy place to have an energy healing session.

Energy Healing Session Preparation


To prepare for your Energy Healing Session over the phone, be in a quiet space, alone, and ensure you won’t be interrupted during our time together. You can be seated or lying down, whichever is more comfortable. You may want a glass of water or tea – something to drink while we’re working is calming to the nervous system. And you may want a journal to take your own notes – just know I am typing notes while we work as well, and I will send them to you at the end of every Session. 

At the start of your Session we will briefly check in with one another and discuss what’s been coming up for you in recent days, and what feels most present to work on. Then we’ll connect through a short meditation and set clear intention and safe boundaries around our shared psychic space. During your Session we may work on any level of you – mind, body or Spirit. I use muscle-testing, or kinesiology, to ask your body yes-or-no questions, and usually start Sessions by communicating with your body through either The Emotion Code or The Body Code

Your subconscious wisdom guides me through these softwares to the names of different trapped energies it wants to release in order to heal. This can range from trapped emotions, to physical misalignments or injury, and even toxins or pathogens your body may be storing. Remember: everything is energy! Once we have found an energy, we simply release it by swiping the Governing Meridian with the intention of calling Healing, Source Energy into the body, to peacefully and easily neutralize that trapped energy wherever it is. In acupuncture, the Governing Meridian is an energetic, information highway connecting all of you – from the top of your upper lip, up and over your head, and down the spine all the way to your tailbone. We usually swipe this Meridian three times (to input a message that releases trapped energies) with either a magnet or our fingers, as they have a magnetic field as well. Once that energy is released, we return to the muscle testing. And a Session flows easily like this – between surfacing the next imbalance and releasing again. 

Depending on where your subconscious wisdom leads us in a Session, we may work outside The Emotion Code and Body Code as well. Sometimes your body may ask for other means of healing, such as the use of sound with my drums or singing bowls, perhaps vibrational healing with tuning forks, or even by working with plants and crystals. I have many tools and modalities that I use in the service of your greatest healing. 

Upon completing our Energy Healing Session, your body will go into processing mode. This is where your physical and energetic body are re-organizing and healing around the trapped energies we released. This period lasts about 24 hours and some people experience it in an energetic way. They may be tired, cranky, or otherwise moody – or may have other mild symptoms. Though most people don’t experience it at all. The best thing to do in either case is to drink plenty of water, rest, and listen to your body. This will allow the processing period to move through, and you’ll likely feel lighter and better than ever! 

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