Our heart’s greatest desire is to be able to send and receive the energy of love.

Opening Up

Removing the Heart Wall

An estimated 93% of the population has a Heart-Wall, which hampers our ability to give and receive love, maintain healthy relationships, and possess a sense of true belonging. Feelings of isolation, a lack of clarity or connection to Spirit and Self, or even physical pain in the neck and shoulders may indicate a need for Heart-Wall removal.

Heart-Walls usually carry a symbolic ‘depth’ and ‘material,’ which feel safe or comforting to each of us. Over the course of three, focused sessions, the Heart-Wall is released layer by layer like an onion. Heart-Wall removal is truly empowering! Together we release the layers of emotional baggage which get in the way of your heart communicating with those around you.

Erin Vivian standing in a field under a cloudy sky, holding a singing bowl. She feels lighter after a heart wall removal.
Erin Vivian standing with one hand on her heart and one hand on her belly. This image evokes peace after experiencing Heart-Wall Removal.
The Heart

Is the Second Brain

Our heart has been called our ‘second brain;’ it communicates with us through its own system of thinking or remembering experiences. This has become apparent in heart-transplant stories where new recipients suddenly have the affinities, memories, or values which were held by their heart donors.

Just as our subconscious mind can direct our body to trap emotions and protect us from overwhelming experiences; it can also direct our heart to put up an energy wall of protection around it, too. Each of us has a unique reason why or significance behind when we began building this wall. Through Heart-Wall removal, we are able to uncover this story and return the heart to it’s natural state of joy. 

Work With Me

I’m so excited to share that my new six-week 1:1 Energy Healing program – The Embodied Soul – is finally here! For the time being, I am prioritizing clients within this program. Please visit + apply through that page if you identify as a Helper or Healer, and are ready to take a leap!

As I am able, I will see individual clients from my Wait List as well, or, I can also respond to your inquiry with referrals if you do not want to wait. Thank you for being here – I can’t wait to connect!

An outlined white figure with her arms open wide. She's embracing a life after Heart Wall Removal.