How does distance energy healing work over the phone?

First: energy does not pertain to time or space! The methods I use over the phone are the same as the methods I would use in person, and therefore as effective, too. While there may be physical separation between us, the truth is we are all connected via energy. In Sessions, our energies ‘meet’ in a safe, psychic space I’ve created for distance energy healing. From there, I easily ‘remote’ into your energy field and use muscle testing to communicate with your subconscious wisdom.

What is the difference between The Emotion Code and The Body Code?

Both The Emotion Code [EC] and The Body Code [BC] are software, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, which I use to communicate with your subconscious through muscle-testing. We use them to identify trapped energies in your body and/or energy field [which we then release with distance energy healing.]

The EC is a chart with 60 different emotions on it. It focuses on the root of any imbalance, which is usually emotional. The BC is a broad and deep software with six major categories: Energies, Circuits + Systems, Toxins, Pathogens, Misalignments, and Nutrition + Lifestyle. It contains the EC and all other aspects of our well-being. It focuses on the interconnected nature of imbalance and the layers which build up and cause dis-ease.

Which type of Session should I book?

Following are my general recommendations; we can talk more specifically about what feels best to you during your Consultation Appointment. The 20-minute, Free Consultation is required for all new clients. It is our time to discuss what you want to work on, I will answer any questions you may have, and we will determine if we are a good fit to work together.

If you are new to distance energy healing, it is often best to start with the 30-minute Session. You can 'get your feet wet' with the modalities I use and experience the integration process after a Session. We also use this booking for Heart-Wall release, which usually takes a total of three Sessions to complete.

If you have experienced other modalities of energy healing previously, and feel comfortable taking 'a deep dive,' then the 50-minute Session is for you! This is your go-to booking for long- standing, chronic, or complex imbalances you're working on.

What can I expect from a Session with you?

You can watch a detailed video about the format of my Healing Sessions here.

The experience of distance energy healing is different for everyone and can vary in each Session. Generally, you can relax physically by focusing on your breath and being present with whatever comes up. As energies surface you may feel emotional and perhaps feel tingling sensations in the body – this will fade as the energy is released. Upon completion, almost every person I’ve worked with says: ‘I feel so much lighter, now!’

How often should I book Sessions?

Following are my general recommendations, and we can talk more specifically about this topic during your Consultation Appointment. I leave the frequency of Sessions up to you with one exception - Sessions should not occur more often than once per week. Your body and Spirit need time to integrate the work we do together; this takes at least a week. Some clients also prefer to have sessions every-other-week or even once a month as a regular schedule in the beginning. Sessions naturally become more infrequent as you reach your goals.

How long will it take for me to feel better?

The following are general guidelines. Your timeline will vary based on your goals, the other means of support you have, and how often we work together. Consider the duration of your current dis-ease; older imbalances can have many layers to them, and therefore may unravel over more Sessions.

My intention is always that you experience, even small, improvement after only one Session; and most clients have reported significant change within the first three Sessions. From there, the impact can be exponential, and most clients feel they’ve achieved their original goal in one to six months. You may also choose to continue with Sessions as other challenges arise.

What kinds of things can you help with distance Energy Healing?

I have helped clients in all aspects of our mind, body and Spirit – you name it, from A-Z. By releasing trapped energies, we free up our body and its natural healing capability can often reverse the imbalances we’re experiencing. However, there are some general limitations to be aware of. For example, I do not advocate for the use of Energy Healing in acute situations. Also, I am not a medical provider, and energy work is not a substitute for medical advice or care. It is important to have realistic expectations and know that some imbalances take time and a multi-discipline approach to improve.

What can I do to ensure this works for me?

The following is a recipe; the ingredients can help you find success with Energy Healing: understand that everything is energy, have an open mind, be willing to make changes, believe that total wellness is possible, have realistic expectations about what your journey may look like, and commit to keep 'showing up' for the work. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful; I believe transformation can happen for you – and it really helps if you do, too!